"I have proven in the past 21 months that I am a fighter, and I will prove myself once again, I will come back strong. For me there is only looking ahead.

Philipp Lahm - Requested by lahmm

wir sind aus München

wir sind die Bayern

wir sind diejenigen die immer wieder feiern


(a fan’s rant) I wish the applause for Lahm was better… Some things never change. Unfortunately.

It’s so weird, not seeing him in the starting line up. He did all he could for this team. He really did. And he made sure that he did everything in his power to get this team an international trophy.

The pillar of the defense.


Almost two years ago, Bayern star Holger Badstuber (25) tore the cruciate ligament. Against Wolfsburg he celebrated his Bundesliga comeback.

Two days before the match against VfL Wolfsburg Holger Badstuber had said, it is of secondary importance


“Bitchface” is back ;)


“Bitchface” is back ;)


Claudia präsentiert den neuen Dirndltrend in der Bunten vom 21.08.2014

FC Bayern München Team 2014/2015 #MiaSanMia #packmas